Average Cost of Air Tickets in Russia Decreases

Air tickets for domestic flights within Russia fell by 30% during the period from the beginning of autumn to the end of the year, Russian media reported.

In 2020, Izvestia calculated that the average check for these months for a round-trip flight was about 17 and a half thousand rubles. That price now is 12 thousand rubles.

A one-way ticket, according to the statistics of booking services, began to cost seven and a half thousand rubles, which is almost 13% cheaper than a year earlier.

These price dynamics are due to the increase in supply. Now, on sale for September – October there are over 23 and a half million seats on domestic flights: this is a third more than a year earlier, and even 6% more than in the dock 2019.

Some airlines are also talking about cheaper prices. For example, Red Wings claim that tickets are now 15-20% cheaper than in August 2019, Smartavia – 25-40%.