Gazprom’s Gas Exports Volume to SEE falls 23.5% Y/Y

Russia’s Gazprom has reduced its natural gas exports to the region of Southeast Europe (SEE) by 23.5% year-on-year to 4.727 billion cubic meters in the first half of 2020, company data shows, SEE News reported.

Moldova was the largest importer of natural gas from Gazprom among SEE countries in the review period with imports of 1.506 billion cubic meters, down 0.6%, figures from Gazprom’s interim activity report show.

Bulgaria came second with imports of 1.033 billion cubic meters in the first half, down from 1.362 billion cubic meters in the like period of last year.

Slovenia marked the highest rate of increase in imports of Russian natural gas in the first half – to 146 million cubic meters, from 118 million cubic meters.