Capsule Hotel to Open at Kyiv’s Boryspil Airport

A new capsule hotel is opening at Boryspil International Airport’s Terminal D on July 20, the Kyiv Post reports. Russian company GettSleep is behind the hotel at Boryspil — the company’s only other capsule hotel is based at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, Russia.GettSleep.

“Boryspil Airport has joined the modern airports of the world, where travelers can get a short rest between flights at the capsule hotel,” Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure, Volodymyr Omelyan, wrote on Facebook.

The hotel at Boryspil offers 40 single and 16 double capsules for periods of three, six or twelve hours of rest. The capsules include free wifi, air conditioning, sound insulation, rosettes and linens. The hotel also provides common shower stalls and customers can pay extra for towels. Visitors can also take advantage of an alarm service and a storage space for their luggage, the Kyiv Post reports.

According to, single capsules will cost Hr 150 for one hour; Hr 370 for three hours; Hr 490 for six hours and Hr 620 for twelve hours. Double capsules cost Hr 250 for one hour; Hr 550 for three hours; Hr 730 for six hours; and Hr 930 hours for twelve hours. No pets are allowed in the hotel.

“During the trial period, passengers can take advantage of our service for free,” the GettSleep hotel administrator told the Kyiv Post. She added that this will be the first capsule hotel in Ukraine.

The hotel’s opening ceremony is scheduled for July 18. The event will feature a pajama party for journalists and bloggers, who will get a chance to test the capsules and win special prizes.