How to Fly Privately to Russia

Image: Gulf Business

There is a list almost as big as Russia with great motives to visit the world’s largest country: the magical architecture, the breath-taking views, its rich and secular history, overwhelming landscapes that spread out as far as the eye can see, and much more.

Since the world was engulfed in the SARS-CoV-2 or, simply stated, COVID-19, traveling has also suffered its own mutations. With international advice daily stating you should avoid crowds as if they were the plague (something not that uncanny), airports aren’t exactly on the WHO’s recommendations.

Studies show that in a commercial flight you go through 700 touchpoints, whilst private jet fliers only encounter 20 – that is a considerable difference. Imagine this scenario: no lingering around the airports because your flight was delayed four hours, not stressing over a missing suitcase, and by no means being subjected to waiting in long, unavoidable lines.

Fortunately, booking a private jet has never been easier. In recent years, private jet charters have had a decrease in price up to 50%, meaning that the ticket cost nowadays is not that much different from a business or first-class trip on a commercial airline. The greatest advantage is that you can schedule your flight according to your calendar, and since you can arrive just 15 minutes before you depart, there will not be much time wasted.

Despite Russia being such an enormous country, most of its population lives in the cities, and as a consequence, its main airports are also found in metropolitan areas. The most popular private airport in Russia stands in Moscow, but if you planned on visiting the Venice of the North, Saint Petersburg is equally equipped with terrific particular terminals. By selecting the option of private transportation, you can pick the place you land.

Booking a private plane essentially just requires internet access and a credit card – an online search will quickly present you with Wijet, a site with several different options of the best private jet charters to Russia.  Now that you are aware of how problem-free it can be to book your next trip, the next step of your journey’s preparation follows: which type of private jet to choose.

Different Types of Private Jets

There are roughly eight different types of private jets. Each has its own amenities, size, capacity, and purpose. Before purchasing your ticket, you must make sure the vehicle suits you and all of your needs. After all, in these days, there’s not much you cannot ask for when you fly privately – that’s if, of course, you do a little research prior to packing your bags.

Very Light Jets

These are the smallest kind of private aircrafts, used mainly for short distances (maximum of 3 hour-trips). They can only accommodate five-seven passengers and some luggage, but there’s no room for a cabin attendant. Its size makes it possible to fly into areas usually inaccessible to commercial planes.

Small Light Jets

Widely popular among business travelers, this type of aircraft can fit up to eight passengers. They can surpass the lack of stewards by including, for example, a lavatory. If business is, in fact, the reason for your traveling, you’ll be pleased to know that the next type of aircraft has satellite Wi-Fi.

Midsize Cabin Jets

Provided you need a longer trip, midsize cabin jets can be an option for you, considering they can make a non-stop 5-hour journey. If you’d like more headroom, more luggage space, and full standing capacity, this would be a great choice. It can board ten passengers and a flight attendant.

Super Midsize Cabin Jets

With larger cabinet space and greater flying capacity, these types of aircraft can easily endure a seven-hour flight. Besides encompassing a nifty speed and range, it provides a higher level of comfort since its flight is enhanced by avionics that makes it quieter than usual. The average size is suitable for about 10-12 people.

Heavy Jets

If you’re a fan of Jackie Chan, just know that heavy jets are understandably his top choice: first-class seats, spacious cabinets, and the possibility of having two flight attendants serving full in-flight catering. They also assure your in-flight productivity (by also having Wi-Fi) and your well-being, having entertainment, and sleeping areas. With a flight capacity of up to nine hours, you can even board an average of 15 people with you.

Ultra-Long-Range Heavy Jets

These are one step ahead of the heavy jets by increasing the comfort and extravagance it offers to its passengers. Lie-flat beds, complete enclosed bathrooms, and a full serving kitchen are only some of the ultra-modern amenities you’ll encounter in these sorts of crafts. Accommodating more or less 17 people, ultra-long-range heavy jets can travel distances of almost 10.500 kilometers; you could go from the Bahamas to Russia with kilometers to spare!

Exclusive Liners/Bizliners

The magnum opus of private jets, also known as VIP airliners. With significant levels of customization, these are the most expensive types of jet in the market. Taking elite traveling to a whole new level, its opulent interiors, ample cabins, and cocktail lounges still leave space for whole conference rooms to gather, sitting up to 48 people. These aircrafts navigate at a higher altitude and are suitable for journeys of ten hours or more without needing a rest.

These are very different styles of aircraft to choose from, but bear in mind that each style encompasses a variety of airplanes; there is not a single Heavy Jet but instead, a number of various machines that fall under that category.

Private jet charters have all the conditions to make your trip to Russia an amazing story worth sharing with friends, so make sure to investigate, pack a few warm jackets, and, most of all, have fun in one of the world’s most astonishing countries.