JSC SIA Chairman Ponomarenko Introduces Sheremetyevo’s Strategic Projects to Russian PM Mishustin

Sheremetyevo Chairman Alexander Ponomarenko presents the airport’s achievements to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors for JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport, Alexander Ponomarenko, presented the most important achievements and infrastructure facilities of Sheremetyevo International Airport to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin on November 18th at Transport of Russia, the XIV International Forum and Exhibition.

State and private investments in key projects for the development of Sheremetyevo Airport between 2016 and 2020 totaled more than $2.5 billion, allowing the airport’s terminals to reach a capacity of more than 80 million passengers annually and the airfield to reach a capacity of 110 million passengers annually.

The intensive development, efficient operation and international leadership of Sheremetyevo Airport are annually confirmed by a number of reputable international awards and ratings.

Ponomarenko emphasized in his report, “The implementation of a comprehensive development and modernization program has provided Sheremetyevo International Airport with high performance in terms of the quality of passenger service and punctuality of flights. But in order to maintain this level of service for passengers and airlines, and to become one of the largest air hubs in the world, we have to move and develop further, especially considering the challenges that the airport had to face in 2020.”

This boasts several advantages, including the most modern and most powerful infrastructure in the country: three runways, six passenger terminals, three independent bulk refueling complexes, the country’s largest automated cargo complex, an aviation technical complex, a developed network of access roads and a railway connection with Moscow.

The increase in the airport’s terminal capacity is synchronized with the development of the airfield infrastructure. The first reconstructed runway, which is JSC SIA’s main investment project in 2020, will be commissioned in December. Runway-1 was built in a record time of 10 months amid a significant scale-down of production activities and the need to comply with anti-epidemic measures. As a result of the commissioning of Runway-1, the capacity of Sheremetyevo airfield will increase to 135 take-off and landing operations per hour.

Following the report, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said, “I am sure that Sheremetyevo, a well-known world brand, will become more beautiful and even better. I want to thank you for the work done. In general, the situation is quite difficult, but you, keeping the investments and plans that were outlined before the pandemic, were able to implement these plans.”