Sheremetyevo Chooses Best Ideas to Put Into Practice


Sheremetyevo International Airport announced the results of the open contest of external innovations SVOya Idea 2019. Every year, the airport receives innovative suggestions from passengers and employees and awards the authors of the best ideas with valuable prizes.

Traditionally, all suggestions fall into one of four categories: Passenger Leisure, Development of IT Infrastructure, Industrial Activity, and Increasing Quality of Passenger Service.

The winner in the category Development of IT Infrastructure is Nikolay Naumov who suggested the creation of an informational website for partner airlines. A web page is a convenient tool for airlines who will be able to access all the required internal information regarding flights, in addition to important news, updates, and contacts of managers from different subdivisions.

Naumov also was the first in the Industrial Activity category. His suggestion to show important information in the check-in hall 20–30 minutes before the start of registration was considered the most promising. Thanks to this new feature, airport guests will be able to find out in advance the numbers of the service kiosks for business and economy-class passengers to make the check-in process faster and more convenient.

The best in the Increasing Quality of Passenger Service category is last year’s winner Mikhail Khisamutdinov. He believes it would be a good idea to offer baggage-wrapping services to passengers when buying Aeroflot tickets on the website or at ticket desks. Khisamutdinov suggested that this measure could help to make this service more popular among travelers.

The author of the most interesting innovation in the category Passenger Leisure is Igor Klyushnikov. The winner suggested projecting adverting and entertainment content on the tunnel walls of the inter-terminal passage connecting the Northern and Southern terminal complexes.

The open contest of external innovations SVOya Idea is held at Sheremetyevo every year. Since 2012, more than 200 participants have entered the competition with over 680 suggestions on how to improve the quality of service and increase the level of comfort at the airport.