Sheremetyevo Is Number Five among Russian Companies for Investment Efficiency

Terminal D, Sheremetievo, Moscow, Russia. August, 26, 2013. Photo by Katerina Mezhekova for Sheremetievo.

Sheremetyevo International Airport was ranked number five among Russian public companies for the efficiency of its investments, according to a new study of Russian companies conducted by the rating agency National Credit Ratings (NKR) and the Agency for Social Analysis and Forecasting.

NKR and the Agency for Social Analysis and Forecasting rated 80 Russian public companies on the basis of quantitative indicators drawn from 2019 public consolidated financial statements in accordance with international standards. The effectiveness of their investments is calculated on a point system from 0 to 100 and takes into account several components.

Sheremetyevo received a rating of 66.29. The company occupying the number one position, liquefied natural gas producer NOVATEK, had a rating of 71.41.

The report stated that the state remains the main investor in Russia, but investments by private companies generally are most effective, and that the leading Russian players are globally competitive.

The NKR qualified its report by saying that the pandemic has led to a massive revision of investment plans and had made 2020 “a non-standard year in all respects, …requir[ing] a separate analysis, including the investment activity of companies.” This was the first rating of investment efficiency by NKR and the Agency for Social Analysis and Forecasting, which plan to issue the rating report annually.