“Windows of Russia” and National Flags Honor Russia Day at Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport has joined the all-Russian campaigns “Windows of Russia” and “Flags of Russia” in celebration of Russia Day. Residents place the flags and national symbols of Russia in their windows and on the balconies of houses and institutions throughout the country, and use their social media accounts to promote it.

This atmosphere of celebration and patriotism is supported at Sheremetyevo Airport by the display of symbolic images, achievements and scenes from the history of Russia on 140 media screens at the forecourt plazas and terminals.

Airport employees and passengers decorated terminal surfaces with Russian-language stickers. The campaign was joined by the team of doctors who had just returned from Vladikavkaz, led by Konstantin Pokrovsky, head of the Vorokhobov Surgery Center of the City Clinical Hospital No. 67. The Moscow medical team completed a two-week humanitarian mission to protect the population of the Caucasus from coronavirus infection. Some of them were members of the first medical teams that had previously worked in Terminal F of Sheremetyevo when meeting passengers of international flights from epidemiologically disadvantaged countries.

The doctors placed posters with the message #RussiaWeAreTogether (#РоссияМыВместе) on the windows along the path from the gate to the baggage claim area. Images produced in a classic federal style greeted passengers and visitors of the airport in a show of national pride.

In commemoration of Russia Day, the state flags of Russia were placed at the entrance to the terminals of Sheremetyevo Airport. Holiday greetings were broadcast over speakers in the terminals on June 12, and videos featuring employees are being published on the airport’s social media.

Russia Day is a national holiday of love for the Homeland, a symbol of Russian unity, strength and faith.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is among the TOP-10 airport hubs in Europe, the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. In 2019, the airport served 49 million 933 thousand passengers, which was 8.9% more than in 2018.