How Russian Agroindustry Is Switching to “Green” Technologies

The market for environmentally friendly agricultural technologies is developing dynamically in Russia, and its volume is already approaching 90 billion rubles. Experts noted that while the industry is quite young, it is already attracting great interest from investors, Russian media informs.

“In 2019, private investment in green agrarian startups amounted to about $2 billion,” said Nadezhda Orlova, head of the Department of Economics of Innovation in Agriculture at the Institute of Agricultural Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics.

According to her, in Europe and the US, there are strategic programs to support “green” agricultural technologies and bioeconomy. China is also becoming one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of greentech solutions.

Russian manufacturers are increasingly using imported solutions. The head of the directorate for the development of agro- and biotechnologies of the Innopraktika company Vladimir Avdeenko spoke about this on the air of the Vesti FM radio station.

“If the trend towards increasing imports continues, then we will find ourselves in a situation in which markets for foreign biotechnologies are developing in Russia. The issue of promoting the development of domestic developments is very relevant,” Avdeenko noted.

Last year, Innopraktika launched the long-term project Innagro – a program for testing biological products for agriculture, which includes 21 regions and more than 100 agricultural companies. The project is intended to establish the development of biologized agriculture in the country. One of the first companies to join it was PhosAgro.

The CEO of the company Andrey Guryev said that a key step on this path was made in June 2021, when the law on agricultural products, raw materials, and food with improved characteristics was signed. In March 2022, a “green standard” for agricultural products will also be introduced in Russia.