Russia Sharply Reduces Wheat Exports

Exports of wheat and meslin from Russia decreased in January-April by 19.2% to 9 million 535.5 thousand tons, according to the Federal Customs Service (FCS), Russian media write.

In monetary terms, exports decreased by 5.1% to $2 billion and 415.9 million.

In particular, wheat exports decreased in April by 30.3% in physical terms to 799 thousand tons, in monetary terms – by 23.5% to $230.6 million.

Export of vegetable oil increased in January-April by 70.7% in monetary terms to $1 billion 752.4 million, in physical terms – decreased by 0.4% to 1.459 million tons.

Exports of fresh and frozen fish decreased in January-April by 28.9% in monetary terms to $ 765.3 million, in physical terms – by 26.7% to 483 thousand tons.