Yamal Will Establish Basis for High Meat Output Deer Cattle Within Next Five Years

Image credit: EPA

Marina Abramova, an expert at the Yaroslavl Research Institute of Livestock Breeding and Forage Production, told TASS that the basis of Yamal deer breed livestock with high meat output would be established within five years. Stags will weigh more than 100kg, while does will weigh 85-90kg.

According to the area agricultural agency, the average live weight has dropped to 18% of the normal level in the last 30 years.

“We will investigate how genetics impacts meat productivity,” stated the expert. “We expect the effort to last five years, and the new animals will serve as a foundation for the Baidaratsky Farm’s breed cattle.”

Yamal has been visited by professionals from the research institute, she noted.

Previously, the Yaroslavl institution oversaw cattle breeding on farms in Moscow, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, Smolensk, and Vladimir.

The scientists will be working with Nenets deer. Dmitry Artyukhov, Governor of the Yamalo-Nenets Region, has assigned a job to employ selection processes to improve the heritable traits of deer in order to increase the animals’ live weight.

“This is not a rapid procedure, and research and improvements to livestock have been planned for five years,” the regional agricultural authority told TASS.

“The projected cost is 6.4 million rubles ($88,000).”

When the scientists conclude their study, the goal live weight will not be less than the Nenets Breed’s criteria of 100kg for males, 85-90kg for females, and 50kg for calves.