Russia Ready to Share its Achievements in Fighting COVID-19


Russia is willing to share its accomplishments in the battle against the coronavirus epidemic with other nations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, which was published on the ministry’s website on Wednesday.

“Our scientists’ hard efforts have resulted in domestic vaccinations and treatments. For decades, our country has been developing research infrastructure, epidemiological methods, and healthcare organizations. We owe the ultimate results to generations of hard effort, and our willingness to share these accomplishments is Russia’s commitment to safeguarding the health and well-being of all humanity,” he stated.

“In light of this, I’d like to point out that we have agreed to localize Sputnik V manufacturing in countries such as Belarus, Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, China, and South Korea,” added.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia was not only the first country to register a coronavirus vaccine, but also the first to proclaim its willingness to deliver it “transparently and without discrimination.” He mentioned San Marino and Argentina as examples of vaccination effectiveness for the Sputnik V.

“Thus far, more over 70% of San Marino’s population has been vaccinated; about 42,000 vaccine injections have been administered, with Sputnik V accounting for 88.6 percent of them. Coronavirus cases have decreased,” he then went on to explain.

In turn, Buenos Aires is certain that their emphasis on Sputnik V was correct. A total of 11 million doses of the local medicine were shipped to the Latin American country. The widespread use of the vaccination has significantly improved people’s misery, and the disease’s transmission rate has decreased.

Russia’s top diplomat stated that Moscow’s approaches to COVID-19 reaction measures were greatly sought for worldwide.

“This includes, in particular, the establishment of national crisis centers, the rapid formulation of rules and regulations, and the establishment of a network of illness diagnosis laboratories,” he added.

“Russian physicians successfully worked throughout CIS nations, Europe, and Asia at the request of international partners. We have delivered individual protective measures, testing systems, medications, and equipment on a significant scale to a lot of nations,” he continued.

According to Lavrov, Russia actively participates in global and regional activities aimed at combatting the epidemic and “provides support to other nations on a bilateral basis and through the procedures of international organizations.”

Practical collaboration with WHO has been developed in the training of healthcare workers to battle the epidemic.

Domestic experts have been included in a number of scientific expert groups operating under the auspices of that specialized United Nations organization,” Lavrov said.