Zakharova Says Events in Afghanistan Portray NATO’s Decline

Image credit: EPA

The newly arisen situation in Afghanistan clearly showed that the US and NATO are not capable of action coordination, Maria Zakharov, the Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday, TASS informed.

She continued that the US has widely demonstrated it is incapable of being a steering force. Zakharova also mentioned the videos of the self-destruction shown in every corner of the world, portray a situation where NATO is an absolute failure in military terms although they constantly claim to have the main role in securing peace in the world.

She also mentioned that NATO is planning to perform many military drills in the Eastern European countries and the Baltic, but also increase its presence in the Arctic region, despite their debacle in Afghanistan.

Zakharova claimed that the decline of the NATO aliance is obvious now. The military vehicles that were left from the Iraq war, were at least taken to the Baltic countries, while they did not even bother to get the vehicles from Afghanistan, and decided to leave them to the Taliban, against which they were used.