Saturday, May 28, 2022
Jordanian Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hneifat called for expanding trade exchange with Russia as the volume of Jordanian agricultural exports doubled in 2017 compared with 2015. Jordanian exports of various agricultural products to the Russian market amounted to about 2,100 tons in 2017, while it scored only 900 tons...
Moscow and Riyadh are discussing plans for making Saudi Arabia a hub for Russian agricultural products, according to a Russian official, RT reports. “Saudi Arabia is a traditional crossroads of trade routes, it has a convenient geographical location. Since ancient times, people who lived here, traded with the surrounding countries,...
The Russian Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase the volume of exports of agricultural products in money terms in 7-10 years, the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said last month in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel, TASS informs. “This year the volume of exports will reach $20 bn.... Aniwatch Anime is another website offering audience to watch anime for free and viewers so far are quite impressed with the user-friendly interface

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