Average Salary in Russia in 2020 Increased to 32,422 Rubles

The average wages in Russia in 2020 amounted to 32,422 rubles and increased by 6.4% in annual terms, Rosstat reported on Friday.

The average salary is characterized by the fact that half of the employees have a salary higher than this level, and the other half – lower.

The calculation was made by Rosstat based on data from the Russian Pension Fund (for the full range of enterprises). In 2019, the median salary was 30,458 rubles.

The indicator is calculated on average per year per one job for one paid month.

Starting from 2021, the minimum wage and the subsistence minimum depend not on the cost of the consumer basket, but on the average income calculated based on the FIU data. The size of the minimum wage will be 42% of the average salary.