Putin Signs Free Gas Connection Law

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law which enables the Russian population to have a free gas connection gas.

The distance from the gas distribution network to the consumer’s site should not be more than 200 meters, and the volume of gas consumption should not exceed 7 cubic meters of gas per hour.

The new law approves Gazprom and its companies as the Single Gasification Operator.

In early June, the State Duma and the Federation Council approved the law, and now it has been signed by the Russian head of state.

In his address to the Federal Assembly, Putin instructed authorities to accelerate the gasification of households that are not connected to intra-settlement gas pipelines by 2022, by doing this without getting funds from the population.

The measure includes the pre-gasification of settlements, in which, by January 1, 2020, intra-city and intra-settlement gas distribution networks have already been laid.