Expert Advises Russians on How to Check Their Pension Accrual

Image source: Voice of America

From 2022, Russians will receive information about the state of their retirement account on the website Users can correct possible errors in the data by submitting an application on the portal and attaching the relevant documents.

Professor of the Department of Finance and Prices, Yulia Finogenova, told RIA Novosti that now Russians can check the correctness of information about their insurance experience, wages and the number of insurance premiums in their personal account on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia.

They can also personally contact the branch of the foundation or the MFC at their place of residence.

Finogenova drew attention to the fact that the fixed payment of the old-age pension does not depend on the length of service, but the Pension Fund has questions about the insurance part, which depends on the length of the insurance period and the level of wages.

Often, the FIU, the financier noted, does not have information about the transfer of contributions by the employer for an employee in a certain period, and that then, the presence of experience will have to be proven in court.