Gazprom Benefits from Europe’s Decarbonization: Muraev

Photo: EPA

According to Yevgeny Muraev, a former deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, the Russian state-owned firm Gazprom benefits from Europe’s decarbonization. The country’s gas transmission system (GTS) capacity, according to the lawmaker, is 145 billion cubic meters of gas.

At the same time, the total capacity of gas pipelines transiting Ukrainian territory has grown to 180 billion cubic meters per year in the last 20 years, Radio Sputnik reports.

At the start of the heating season, Ukraine is short four billion cubic meters of gas, according to the ex-deputy, money for which are not included in the national budget.

Muraev stated that there is no alternative to Russian gas in the current “catastrophic” circumstances.

According to Sputnik radio, the former CEO of Naftogaz listed the major causes of Ukraine’s energy crisis.