Mishustin: It’s Necessary to Develop New Measures to Contain Prices

Image source: RT

The Russian government will have to develop new measures to support producers and stabilize food prices in the face of global inflation, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a strategic session dedicated to the pricing environment of world markets and measures to limit its influence on domestic prices.

The previous measures introduced are already working – these are increased duties on the export of basic products (damper mechanisms), subsidies for farmers, agreements on price containment with retail chains have worked, preferential loans for farmers have been extended.

There are also benefits for the purchase of fuel and fertilizers during the sowing season, Russian media reported.

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture also proposed new measures – subsidies for the use of land for vegetable growing, for the expansion of production, and the construction of storage facilities, transportation benefits.

“We plan to support production in personal subsidiary plots. And we are now preparing the appropriate regulatory documents,” Mishustin said.