One in Three Russians Say Will Rely on Savings After Retirement

Image credit: EPA

More than a third of Russians (36%) in retirement expect to live on their own savings, less than a quarter of respondents plan to get by with only a pension from the state, SberNPF and Rambler & Co found out, having interviewed 9,200 people across the country.

A third of Russians (36%) want to live off their own savings, while 30% will rely on part-time work. Only 7% of Russians expect adult children to assist them. Around 4 percent are optimistic that their former firm will provide them with an additional corporate pension. According to the survey’s findings, less than a quarter of respondents (23%) want to survive only on a state pension.

When asked what they wanted to do after retirement, more over a third of Russians (36%) indicated they wanted to start performing creative work once they retired. Since childhood, every second responder has wished for a creative career. Almost half of Russians (42%) acknowledged to fantasizing about a creative career as a kid. Every tenth want to be an actor, every seventeenth a musician, and every twentieth a singer, poet, or artist.

At the same time, the vast majority of Russians (85%) do not make writing, singing, or painting their primary occupation. They confessed that they lacked skill in 20% of the cases. Parents who insisted on selecting a more “earthly” career obstructed the road to a dream for a quarter, while for 16 percent, the path to a dream was blocked by parents who insisted on choosing a more “earthly” vocation.

Also, more than a third of Russians (36%) are looking forward to the conclusion of their working careers so that they may return to the arts they enjoyed as children; 23% believe they will have the health and financial resources to do so.