Putin Calls Raising Russians’ Salaries His ‘Number One Goal’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged all parts of the government to make every effort to improve the economic conditions in the country and to raise the living standard of its citizens, RBC reported.

“The growth rates we have achieved are obviously insufficient for us,” Putin said at the meeting with the government on Wednesday. “Every effort should be made to increase growth rates of the economy, improve its structure and quality. National Projects and national development goals are dedicated to that.”

“In the last quarter of this year, even starting from the third, we see certain growth rates of personal incomes and real wages. This trend needs to be maintained and strengthened,” Putin noted, adding that this was his ‘number one goal’.

According to the Russian president, this issue is associated with another important task — solving demographic problems – families with children have an extra burden, and all steps in the social sphere must take into account the need to support such families.

Putin added that Russia had created a sound macroeconomic base for development, which is a unique result. “Of particular positive note is the creation of the good macroeconomic development base,” Putin commented.

“This is a unique result; nothing of the kind took place in our current history,” the head of state said.

The government and the Central Bank achieved the minimum inflation level of about 3%, the President informed. “The fact that the macroeconomic foundation provides an opportunity for development is absolutely obvious,” Putin added.