Putin’s National Projects to Remain Key Driver of Russian Economy: Analyst

Despite flaws in the implementation of the Russian government’s National Projects, written in President Vladimir Putin’s May Decree from 2018, they will remain among the key development drivers of Russia’s economy, political analyst Pavel Danilin told state-run news agency TASS on Wednesday.

“We cannot say that everything is always perfect. National projects, of course, also have flaws. But the fact that National Projects remain the key driver for economic development is indisputable,” the expert said.

Efficient implementation of National Projects requires improvement of certain tools, Danilin said. “In particular, the tender activity is meant,” he added, commenting on a meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and National Projects.

According to Danilin, the effective implementation of national projects implies improving some of the tools.

“In particular, the question of competitiveness. It happens so that during the implementation of national projects at competitions, such conditions are set that are beneficial only to one of the participants, and only he can meet them. Also, there is careless use of funds,” the analyst said.

The May Decree was signed by Putin immediately after the inauguration for his sixth term as President last year. It presents a roadmap of strategic development that sets targets of the national development in a wide range of spheres up to 2024, including improving economic growth and speeding up technology development.

The Russian government shall ensure the achievement of “making the Russian Federation one of the five largest economies in the world” for the period up to 2024, with economic growth rates higher than in the world and inflation at a level not exceeding four percent, according to the decree published on the Kremlin’s website.