Rosstat Reveals Statistics on Russians Pensions

Image source: Voice of America

Russian citizens who have worked in the civil service are entitled to the largest pensions in Russia, according to Rosstat.

The average pension of civil servants increased from 21.224 thousand to 22.792 thousand rubles by January 1, 2021, and the average old-age pension in the country as a whole – from 15.878 thousand to 16.79 thousand rubles. Social pensions have been increased from 9,298 to 9,848 rubles.

Pensions in 2021 were increased by 6.3% – for 32 million people. 374 billion rubles were allocated for the indexation of pensions.

Since 2019, the law provides for an increase in pensions at a rate faster than inflation. Old-age pensions for non-working pensioners will, on average, grow by 1,000 rubles a month, or 12,000 rubles a year.

The pension is given upon reaching the retirement age and depends on the availability of the minimum required pension coefficients and length of service. If there is no seniority, then the citizen receives the minimum guaranteed – a social pension.

The size of the indexation of pensions in the current year is determined as the ratio of the subsistence minimum for elderly Russians in 2020 (9,308 rubles) to the same amount for 2019 (9,002 rubles).