Russia Sees an Increase in Citizen Bankruptcies

Image source: Voice of America

The number of judicial bankruptcies during January-June 2021 increased to 88 thousand Russians, including individual entrepreneurs, which is 2.1 times more than in the first half of 2020, Russian media wrote

The number of extrajudicial bankruptcies during this period is much less – only 1,679 thousand.

The number of bankruptcies has accelerated since the end of last year, but in the first half of 2021, 23.7% of all personal bankruptcies of individuals have occurred since the procedure was launched in October 2015. Russian citizens themselves have the right to apply for bankruptcy – such were 95% of all cases.

Most of the bankruptcies of citizens are in Moscow – an increase in 2 times to 4.858 thousand, in the Moscow region – an increase of 2.1 times to 4.701 thousand, in the Krasnodar Territory – an increase of 2.2 times to 4.310 thousand.

The number of bankruptcies of citizens also doubled in the Samara region – up to 3.923 thousand, in St. Petersburg – 3.825 thousand, in the Sverdlovsk region – 3.537 thousand.

Last year, during January-June, the increase in the number of bankruptcies of citizens was less due to the lockdown – an increase of 1.5 times to 42.7 thousand cases of insolvency.

In general, in 2020 in Russia, the number of judicial bankruptcies of citizens and individual entrepreneurs increased 1.7 times to 119,049 thousand cases. And the number of bankruptcies of companies decreased by 20% to 9.931 thousand companies, since a moratorium on bankruptcies was in effect for several industries.