Belarus to Get the Bulk of Oil Supplies Over Pipeline From Russia, Belarusian Prime Minister Claims

Belarus will receive the bulk of oil deliveries in 2021 over the pipeline from Russia but alternative deliveries will also take place, Prime Minister of the country Roman Golovchenko said on Monday on the air with the Belarus-1 TV Channel, TASS reported.

“We have no problems with volumes of suppliers. Concerning alternative deliveries, they will be used in this year also but Belarus will purchase the base quantity of oil using the pipeline transport from Russia,” Golovchenko said.

The annual volume of Russian oil deliveries to Belarusian refineries is estimated at 18 -20 mln tonnes, Golovchenko noted. “Specific volumes to be delivered will depend on capabilities of enterprises in terms of technical refining, on the situation evolving in the petroleum products market,” the Prime Minister added.

He added that Belarus and Russia continue talks on natural gas pricing in 2021 and Minsk has no debts for consumed gas at present.

“Settlements for consumed gas have been completed; we have no debt to the Russian Federation. We would like to negotiate in the near future the natural gas pricing for Belarus in the next year, expecting that it will be attractive for us,” Golovchenko said.

Belarus made the complete payment to Gazprom for gas deliveries in January – September 2020, the Belarusian Ministry of Energy said after the $500-mln loan was received by the Finance Ministry of Belarus from the Eurasian Stability and Development Fund, as reported on October 16.