Gazprom Pumps 13.5 Bcm of Gas through Turkstream in 2020

The volume of gas pumped through the TurkStream gas pipeline, commissioned in 2020, amounted to 13.51 bln cubic meters (bcm), Gazprom said in a report published on Thursday, TASS informed.

TurkStream is an export gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea. The design capacity is 31.5 bcm of gas per year.

Last year, gas was supplied via the TurkStream to Turkish consumers (via the first line of the gas pipeline), as well as to consumers in Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, and Romania (via the second line of the gas pipeline).

The volume of Russian gas pumped through the Nord Stream gas pipeline in 2020 increased to 59.28 bcm from 28.5 bcm in 2019, supplies via Blue Stream decreased to 8.76 bcm against 11.1 bcm a year earlier.