Putin Proposes Expansion of CO2 Emissions Control Study

Image credit: EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at a plenary session at the Eastern Economic Forum 2021 where he stated that the study to control CO2 emissions that is now ongoing in Sakhalin should be broadened to other areas of Russia, Interfax reported.

Putin went on to say that Russia has a “great duty” to handle natural resources wisely.

The growth of the Far Eastern area is critical for Russia; it is the country’s future development for generations to come. When you consider that the Arctic area is a part of these regions, it’s easy to see why Russia has been paying more attention to the region in recent years, TASS reports.

According to the Russian president, the Arctic makes up 18 percent of Russian land and has worldwide reserves of raw resources that are required not just by Russia but also by the rest of the globe.