Russia’s Navy is Getting New Icebreaker in 2022


The Project 21180M latest icebreaker Yevpaty Kolovrat will enter service with the Russian Navy in 2022, the Navy Main Command’s press office announced on Friday, TASS reported.

“The Project 21180M icebreaker Yevpaty Kolovrat under construction at the Almaz Shipyard in St. Petersburg is planned to enter service with the Navy in 2022. A number of innovation solutions were introduced in the process of designing and building this icebreaker,” Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov was quoted by the press office as saying.

The Shipyard is currently mounting required equipment on the icebreaker. The Yevpaty Kolovrat will displace 4,000 tonnes and will be 82 meters long and 19 meters wide. The icebreaker will be capable of developing a speed of up to 14 knots. It will have a crew of about 30 and its endurance will be one month. The latest vessel will be capable of breaking through ice one meter thick.

The Russian Navy considers its provision with ships, icebreakers and support vessels as a priority task, considering Russia’s active development of the Arctic, efforts to provide for the normal operation of the Northern Sea Route and Arctic hydrographic surveys, the statement says.

The Russian Navy currently operates the icebreaker Ilya Muromets. In September-October this year, the icebreaker successfully coped with the assigned tasks along the Northern Sea Route.