Putin Congratulates, Wishes University Graduates to Dream and Never Give up

Image credit: EPA

All routes in Russia are open for university graduates, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. The president stated that he believes in the success of young specialists in the future.

On Saturday, when the All-Russian student graduation was held, Putin addressed the graduates of higher educational institutions, saying, “I would like to wish everyone of you to discover your own, unique path, your genuine passion.”

Finding a calling, he confessed, “doesn’t necessarily come out right away, on the first try.”

“But the most important thing is not to give up,” the president advised. “Then you will undoubtedly find a business in which your knowledge, abilities, and best human qualities will be fully revealed and in which you can be truly proud, because this business is for the good of people and serves the entire Russian Federation.”

He congratulated the graduates on completing their studies and complimented their professors for “doing a tremendous, very crucial job in the future state’s interests.” Putin hopes that former students would “cherish and treasure student relationships” for the rest of their life, and that they will “retain their respect and appreciation for their instructors.”