European Parliament Insults Russia by Trying to ‘Lecture’ It

Image credit: Eurodiaconia

Attempts by the European Parliament (EP) to teach the Russian people are seen as a disrespect to their intelligence and capacity to think freely, Russian Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told media on Sunday, reacting to the latest EP resolution on Russia, TASS reports.

He also stated that Russia could teach EU members how to arrange polls and assure their openness.

According to the Russian envoy, the primary theme of this resolution is that [Russia] has an awful government, president, and legislature. Then there are those nice, democracy-seeking Russians whom the MEPs want to assist in finding a “path to the light.”

“This paper will have no practical applicability in the everyday work of EU executive bodies,” the Russian diplomat thinks.

The European Parliament had already accepted a report by Lithuanian MEP Andrus Kubilus, asking the EU to reassess its relations with Russia.

According to the report’s author, the EU must “fight the security threat,” “attack Russia’s meddling in EU and ‘Eastern Partnership’ issues,” engage in “selective conversation with the Kremlin,” and “promote a democratic society.”