NATO Searching for New Primary Threat

Image credit: EPA

A fresh issue is NATO’s recent crisis among the Trans-Atlantic Allies, which was caused by the emergence of the new AUKUS Trilateral Security Pact. 

NATO has now come up with a new reality, as the main sponsor, the United States, shifts his operations to the Indo-Pacific area to try to keep Beijing in place of Moscow, writes  Kommersant. It is a new reality that defends collective Europe from the Cold War Soviet danger.

Between mid-August and mid-September allies endured two significant blows after the rise to the White House in January of Joe Biden and his Administration. President Biden took the first blow when he sought to terminate the mission in Afghanistan. 

The decision, taken behind the backs of NATO members, eliminated the collaborative efforts of the NATO alliance in the nation. The second blow came as a submarine contract controversy, which France saw as a further US endeavor to guarantee the right to decide on its own.

Experts believe ties between the United States and its Western allies will be tough to repair. “The people of Europe anticipated Joe Biden’s tenure to become Obama’s third term, but now their enthusiasm has gone in the slightest. First, Washington’s apparent disregard of NATO allies was made clear by the departure of the troops from Afghanistan and then AUKUS gave the euro-atlantic alliance another blow. US conduct in France is unusual, even President Trump has refused to accept such an approach, being a significant NATO partner, nuclear power and a permanent UN Security Council member”, the high school of economics Professor Vladimir Batyuk said.

According to General Director Andrey Kortunov of the Russian International Affairs Council, the survival of NATO relies on the ability of the leaders and the members to address a major danger. “The NATO system still sees Russia as its main danger, whereas President Biden regards China as such,” stressed the expert.