Putin: Russia Will Help Muslim States in Combating Terrorism

Image credit: EPA

Russia will assist Muslim states in resolving regional problems and combating terrorism and extremism, President Vladimir Putin said in his presentation to the 12th International Economic Summit “Russia-Islamic World,” which began on Wednesday in Kazan.

“Russia’s relations with Muslim nations have always been cordial and beneficial. We are actively working together to promote interfaith and inter-civilizational dialogue, to ensure international peace and security, and to establish a more just and democratic world order. Multidimensional relationships in commerce, economics, investment, science and technology, humanitarianism, and many other sectors produce positive results “, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a statement published on the Kremlin’s website.

“I would want to underline that our allies can completely depend on Russia’s support and help in overcoming regional crises and serious social challenges, as well as in combating all manifestations of terrorism and extremism,” Putin added.

The president expressed optimism that the event’s talks will be substantial and fruitful.

The International Economic Summit “Russia-Islamic World: KazanSummit” has been conducted for the last 12 years, however it was canceled last year because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The forum was held for the first time in 2009, with 250 people in attendance. More than 3,500 individuals attended the event in 2019. According to the summit’s organizers, the summit’s major objective is to encourage collaboration and discussion between Russia and members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in economic, political, and cultural sectors (OIC).