Putin: The Image of Biden Portrayed by the Press Has Nothing to Do with Reality

Photo for illustration purposes.

“The image of Biden, which both our and the US press draws, has nothing to do with reality. He looks cheerful, we talked face to face for two hours, he is completely covered in the material,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, sharing his impressions of the counterpart at the talks in Geneva.

At the same time, Putin confirmed that the US President did, from time to time, look into his notes, which the journalists called cheat sheets.

“But we all do this,” the head of the Russian state noted and continued. “The image that they paint is even dampening, but there is nothing to dampen it. Biden is a professional, and you need to work very carefully with him so as not to miss anything.”

Putin recalled his meeting with Joe Biden at a meeting with the graduates of the IV stream of the program for the development of the personnel management reserve of the Higher School of Public Administration, which was broadcast live by the Russia 24 TV channel.

Putin added that at the summit with Biden in Switzerland, they outlined key positions that are of interest to both sides, and on which Moscow and Washington can move closer. One of these priorities is curbing the arms race, the head of the Russian state emphasized.