World Bank, Following the IMF, Refuses to Help Afghanistan

The World Bank has announced a suspension of aid to Afghanistan, adding that it will closely “monitor and assess the situation,” the organization stated in a comment.

The World Bank was the last significant financial donor for Afghanistan. A week earlier, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) suspended aid to Afghanistan, Russian media report.

The World Bank has given Afghanistan more than $5.3 billion in development projects. The World Bank-administered Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust has raised more than $12.9 billion.

Loans were used to develop agriculture, water supply systems, educational and medical programs.

International creditors, one after another, refuse to cooperate with the new government in Afghanistan – the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). The country is in crisis after the departure of the US and EU military groups.

The interim governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, Ajmal Ahmadi, warned about this and predicts the return of the country to the Middle Ages, when commodity exchange will prevail instead of cash payments.