Coronavirus Situation Expected to Remain Stable in July, August: Gorelov


According to Alexander Gorelov, Deputy Director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, the coronavirus epidemic in Russia will remain stable in July and early August.

Since the active rise of cases began in the first ten days of June, we appear to be entering a period of stability, which will likely extend through July and into August.

After that, the expert added, a downward trend is probable, adding that every infectious illness epidemic has three phases: development, stability, and decrease, each lasting approximately a month.

Gorelov went on to say that this is an optimistic view that can only happen if people are vaccinated and follow anti-epidemic measures. According to him, Russia’s present epidemiological condition is challenging.

According to the expert, a map depicting the spread of illness in Russia appears like “a patchwork quilt.” He went on to say that certain places have already entered the stability phase, while others are still in the development phase. Unlike past patterns, the increase in instances is now mostly seen in areas.

According to the most recent figures, about 187.3 million individuals have been infected with coronavirus globally, with over 4 million fatalities documented. To far, Russia has verified 5,833,175 coronavirus cases, with 5,236,214 individuals recovering from the illness.

According to the most recent figures, there have been 144,492 deaths in Russia. The Russian government had already established an Internet hotline to keep the public informed about the coronavirus situation.