Russia Ready to Cooperate on Sputnik V Vaccine on Platform of Council of Europe, Lavrov Says

Source: Sputnik V Official website

Russia is ready to cooperate on vaccination by its Sputnik V vaccine on the platform of the Council of Europe, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday, Sputnik reported.

“Russia has certified the first coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V. We are working on two more vaccines. We are ready to cooperate on vaccination on the platform of the Council of Europe,” Lavrov said in an address to the online ministerial meeting of the Council of Europe.

Russia registered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, on 11 August. It was developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. In addition to this, Russia has been working on two more coronavirus vaccines. According to the first deputy CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Anatoly Braverman, Russia was seeing interest in more than 1.2 billion doses of its Sputnik V vaccine, with some 200 million doses potentially going to Latin American countries.