Russian President Calls For Balance Between Use Of Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday made a statement saying that artificial intelligence (AI) required bigger data and removal of artificial restrictions; however, it was crucial to respect and protect human rights, UrduPoint informed.

“Of course, we need to remove the barriers in technological regulation, legislative restrictions. For artificial intelligence, the real food, fuel … is data, information,” Putin said at the AI conference in Moscow, adding that “the higher their quality, the greater the completeness, volume, the more efficient the algorithms and the more accurate the results. It is necessary to give artificial intelligence more data, to consistently remove contrived barriers to their use.”

The president also drew attention to the need to guarantee security, as well as respect for the interests and rights of citizens.

“The line is very thin, it is necessary to find this balance between the disclosure of the maximum information and the rights of people to protect this information where they believe that this protection should be provided,” Putin said.

Earlier in the day, Russian president called the race to develop AI the 21st century equivalent of space exploration.