Russian Companies Petrovax and Intellodzhik Researching a Drug to Treat COVID-19 Using AI

Russian pharmaceutical companies Petrovax and Intellodzhik are conducting a study of Longidaza among patients who had COVID-19. The study is based on the Botkin.AI artificial intelligence platform.

This is the first study in Russia and one of the first projects in the world, in the process of which AI technologies are used to determine the degree of lung damage, including over time damage in patients who have undergone coronavirus, ICT Moscow writes.

The Botkin.AI platform based on artificial intelligence allows for the most accurate analysis of CT studies, obtaining data on the degree of lung damage as a result of coronavirus infection, as well as identifying a group of patients who need priority attention of doctors.

The study is taking place in 14 clinical centers in Russia and Kazakhstan with the participation of 200 volunteers.