Russian Trade Minister Inoculated with Sputnik V


Russian Trade Minister Denis Manturov said he had been inoculated with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V and had a slightly higher temperature in the first day, Sputnik News reported.

The minister called the research institute that developed the vaccine daily to report on how he was feeling.

“On the first day, the temperature was slightly higher. On the second day, given that the body uses up a lot of glucose, I could feel it in the back of my head a little. On the third day, I wasn’t feeling anything like that. It has been more than two weeks now, and I can report that there have been no changes to my body,” Manturov said, as aired on the NTV broadcaster.

On 11 August, the Russian government officially registered theĀ world’s first vaccine, dubbed Sputnik V. Though the vaccine is still underway with the third phase of clinical trials, Russian health officials claimed it had a proven capability to produce stable immunity against the coronavirus.

Several other countries have followed the lead and announced they would fast-track the registration of their COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use.