Russia’s Total Coronavirus Tally Reaches 7,992,687

Coronavirus pandemic in Russia
Photo: EPA

The anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Sunday that 34,303 new cases of coronavirus had been discovered in Russia over the previous day.

Since the commencement of the COVID-19 outbreak in Russia, 7,992,687 cases have been detected in 85 areas, Izvestia reports.

The day prior, the headquarters stated that Russia’s coronavirus herd immunity was assessed to be at 45 percent. The initial component was vaccinated 51 million times, while the complete cycle was vaccinated 47.5 million times.

On the same day, an immunization counter and a heat map of the COVID-19  situation in Russia were launched on the webpage.

Everyone may now measure the country’s level of immunization by counting the number of persons who have been inoculated with the first and second components of the medication.

Users will be able to evaluate the situation with the propagation of coronavirus using a heat map.

On October 14, Dmitry Peskov, the President of the Russian Federation’s press secretary, described some individuals’ refusal to be immunized against the COVID-19 as reckless. He asked people to continue to be informed about the need for vaccination and to do so without hiding the most terrible realities, such as an increase in mortality and morbidity.

The Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko, stated on October 13 that the country’s healthcare system is under severe strain as a result of the epidemic. He said that if the populace is more actively immunized, the load can be reduced.