Spread of Delta Strain in EU May Not Require Lockdowns, Analysts Claim


Analysts believe that the spread of the Indian strain of the delta coronavirus in the EU may not require the introduction of lockdowns, but, nevertheless, this strain poses a threat to the pace of economic recovery, Russian media reported.

According to experts, the situation in the UK is a good example of what to expect from the spread of the Delta strain. Most EU countries have a fairly large number of people vaccinated compared to what happened in the UK a few weeks ago when the strain began to spread, Oxford Economics said.

The note also says that the number of infections will increase among younger people who have not yet been vaccinated or have received only one dose of the vaccine so far.

However, the progress of vaccination makes it possible that the new wave of infections will differ from previous ones and the likelihood of overcrowding in hospitals is significantly reduced, which indicates a decrease in the possible reintroduction of nationwide lockdowns.

However, according to experts, a significant increase in infection cases may cause a reaction from the authorities, which could negatively affect the economic recovery. Perhaps the restrictions will be related to international travel. However, in Portugal, where the “delta” strain began to operate, curfews were reintroduced, Oxford Economics notes.