Vaccine Tourism in Russia Kicks off July

Photo: EPA

Russia might start offering vaccine tourism in July, Kirill Dmitriev, the Chief Executive Officer of the RDIF, said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday.

The fund is debating its foundation with key ministries after receiving interest from European nations in vaccination tourism to Russia. Dmitriev said that Russia has noticed a lot of interest, especially from European citizens.

Authorities believe that such prerequisites will be in place beginning in July. RDIF is currently collaborating with a number of major Russian ministries to investigate a method for establishing large-scale vaccination tourism in Russia, Dmitriev underlined.

Dmitriev stated that the details of the vaccination tourism idea to Russia would be given at the end of June.

Earlier, the CEO of the RDIF voiced optimism that citizens immunize with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine will be allowed to travel freely across most nations.