Shemereyevo Terminals to Get New Look and Increased Capacity


Sheremetyevo airport could get new or reconstructed terminals C and F under the announced development program. In an interview with Vedomosti, the Chairman of the Board of the airport, Alexander Ponomarenko stated that the Terminal C is already dismantled and set for reconstruction that will increase its capacity from 6 to 20 million passengers.

“We have dismantled the old Terminal C, which had a capacity of 6 million passengers, and begun rebuilding it to obtain a new one with the capacity of 20 million. It will be commissioned in the 3rd quarter of 2019. In 2021–2022, the final decision will be made on which is more practicable to do as a priority – to build a new Terminal C2 or rebuild Terminal F, which was built back in 1980,” Ponomarenko says.

He also mentioned that while the northern terminal complex (Sheremetyevo 1: Terminals B, C and C2) is to handle 50 million passengers, the capacity of the southern terminal complex (Sheremetyevo 2: Terminals D, E and F) will remain as it is – which is approximately 35 million. As a result, Sheremetyevo International Airport therefore will be able to handle 85 million passengers per year.

“A theatre starts with a hallway. For us, these are access roads to the airport and parking lots. We completely changed the movement pattern for cars in the south sector, built two remote parking lots for passengers and one for employees. As to the three large parking lots of Terminals B, C, and C2 – the first one is already being completed – we will invest about $ 97 million,” the Chairman of the Board stated.

When asked what is the source of funding for Terminal C and C-2, he made it clear that it will come from the airport’s own funds.

“As to the rest of financing, the entire investment program will be financed by Sheremetyevo’s own funds. In 2016, agreements on the restructuring of existing loans with a reduction of the interest rate and granting a grace period of three years to repay the principal were signed between Sheremetyevo Airport and Vnesheconombank. This allowed to free additional funds for investment. In addition, as a result of consolidation, the airport has an additional source in the form of dividends from its subsidiaries,” Ponomarenko added in the interview.