Russia, Belarus to Cooperate on Mining Robot Project

Belarusian heavy vehicles manufacturer BelAZ has signed a trilateral agreement with Russian IT company VIST Group and transports firm Region 24 on creating a robot system for mining operations, BELTA reports.

The document was signed during the international trade fair Innoprom 2018 in Yekaterinburg, BelAZ representatives told the news agency.

BelAZ specialists are hard at work creating new mining vehicles to meet the latest trends on the global market, the report said. One of these projects is creating GPS-controlled transport solutions. The robot system is supposed to increase productivity, improve operating conditions, and reduce operating costs, the company said.

The system will be tested in an open pit of the Russian coal mining company SUEK in the Republic of Khakassia, Russian Federation early next year. One operator will be able to control five haul trucks and one loader.

“The distance between the dispatch center and the open pit can vary greatly these days: hundreds or thousands of kilometers. The operator can control the system from any part of the planet while enjoying the comfort of the dispatch center,” BelAZ representatives explained.

BelAZ was founded in 1948 and has produced over 120,000 vehicles for use in the Soviet Union. It is the largest vehicle factory in Belarus and provides heavy-duty machinery for the country’s industry and mining.