Russian Helicopters to Double Civil Aircraft Production by 2030

Russia’s top helicopter manufacturer, Russian Helicopters intend to boost the share of nondefense products in the total output twofold by 2030, the company’s First Deputy CEO Sergei Fomin said at the Helicopter Forum on Friday, according to

“The share we need to show for the civil aviation is 59-60%. This will be definitely more than 100 civil helicopters [per year] in terms of the sales volume in recent future. Our task is to have 150 at the least, while now we are at the level of 75-80 civil helicopters per year,” the top manager said.

Russian Helicopters plan to reach the intended non-defense production output by 2030, Fomin added.

The company has stepped up development of its civilian helicopter production in recent years and remains leader in the global supply of heavy and super-heavy machines.

In 2018, Russian Helicopters accounted for 95% of the global sales of heavy helicopters thanks to its Mi-8/Mi-17 and Ka 32 models, while the Mi-26T has no analogues in the global market.

“In the segment of light twin-engine machines for three years of sales of the Ansat helicopter, we managed to occupy almost 10% of the market. To expand our presence and strengthen our leadership position, we are introducing the average multi-purpose Ka-62 to the market and the heavy Mi-38. The Russian market was and remains the main one for us. The successful introduction of new types of equipment into production is inconceivable without a constructive dialogue with the operators, understanding of their needs and tasks,” Fomin said.