About 600 Taliban Members Killed by Resistance Forces in Afghanistan

Image credit: EPA

Fighters from Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front, which stands against the rule of the Taliban forces, have killed around 600 Taliban fighters in the Panjshir region in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, Fahim Dashty, the spokesman of the Front claimed on Twitter, TASS informed.

He said that 600 Taliban fighters were killed in different parts of Panjshir, adding that more than 1,000 fighters were either taken as prisoners or they have surrendered.

Earlier, Bilal Karimi, Spokesman of the Taliban forces wrote on Twitter that the Taliban had seized control of Khinj, Shotul, Unabah, and Paryan, the districts of Panjshir.

According to Reuters which cited Taliban sources, the radicals claimed that they had seized the control of the Panjshir province.

In the meantime, a source told TASS that the Front forces rejected these claims.