Belarusian Authorities Not To ‘Go Easy’ on Radical Opposition, Lukashenko Claims

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko stated Friday that the Belarusian authorities will not go easy of the radical opposition, which already crosses the red line, TASS reported.

“Horrible miscreants – I told you that they will rock us in various ways. We have been registered these directions, where they already cross the red line,” Lukashenko said at the meeting with Union State Secretary Dmitry Mezentsev. “So you must know as former ambassador and current State Secretary of our union: we will not go easy on anyone here, because it gen get worse.”

The president disclosed that a terror attack was prevented in the republic recently.

“We talked about our situation in Belarus just yesterday. Yesterday, [the opposition celebrated] the traditional Freedom Day. We treated the opposition calmly when they celebrated this freedom day,” Lukashenko noted. “They [usually marched along a certain route, but yesterday they had this special mood, to try to rock the situation.”

According to Lukashenko “there is a plenty of stray [people] and others among the protesteurs.”

“But not all of them are idiots; they see that those fugitives in Lithuania, in Poland and in Ukraine got hooked on these money flows. Although, nobody gave them the promised 53 million euros,” the president said. “They give them something, but it’s not enough [for the opposition]. And they demand that these our protesteurs get to the streets and rock the Lukashenko regime.”

The head of state pointed out that the opposition warned in advance that Belarusian authorities were allegedly preparing a provocation, were preparing to blow something up.

“If they mention it, one must look out in all oculars. And what do you know? The police were great, […] they got the bastard,” Lukashenko underscored.

Lukashenko disclosed that the bomber was detected, the explosives were defused, and then the perpetrator was handed over to the State Security Committee (KGB).

“As you can see, they started pressing us from all sides. And, after these wild statements by US President [Joe Biden], there is no more hope for quiet life for us, […] we have to keep our eyes peeled in this regards,” the Belarusian leader said.

On Friday, the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior announced that terror attacks were prevented in Minsk and the Minsk Region. The KGB initiated a criminal case over attempted terror attack.