FSB Prevents Terrorist Attacks in Russia, Two in Moscow

Source: Sputnik News

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) foiled a series of terrorist assaults in Moscow, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Astrakhan, apprehending two terrorists and eliminating six others. According to TASS, the FSB’s Center for Public Relations (DSP) reported this on Monday.

According to the DSP, members of the Islamic State’s conspiratorial cells planned a series of terrorist operations in the summer of 2021 (IS is banned in the Russian Federation). Two terrorist assaults were allegedly foiled in Moscow, according to the FSB, and both suspects were apprehended. In the Astrakhan area and Kabardino-Balkaria, six members of the terrorist group were killed.

The FSB reminded that on June 29, a Russian citizen was apprehended in Moscow, where he was planning simultaneous assaults on civilians with cold steel and guns with an accomplice in the Astrakhan area. When the latter offered armed resistance, he was killed by return fire.

“A member of an international terrorist group, a Russian citizen, who was planning to explode an improvised explosive device in Moscow in locations of mass presence of civilians, was apprehended on July 1 in collaboration with the authorities,” the FSB stated.

Five members of a religious extremist organization who were preparing terrorist attacks using weapons and improvised explosive devices against leaders of the region’s official Islamic clergy were arrested on July 3 in the KBR’s Nalchik and Baksan districts. During the arrest, the terrorists put up a fight and were eventually killed. Losses among the civilian population, law enforcement officers, and power structures were not permitted.

Terrorists’ improvised explosive devices with submunitions, automatic weapons and ammunition, grenades, explosives components, and religious extremist literature were all recovered by law enforcement officers.