Murashko Says Former COVID Patients Will Receive Examination Invitation


Patients who have undergone COVID treatments will be sent personal invitations for a medical checkup, Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said during a meeting with Ural State Medical University students on Monday.

According to the minister, now is the time for the health-care system to take a breather from the flow that appeals to everyone, adding that officials are starting with targeted invites and personalization.

Murashko went on to say that people who have been sick would be issued invites to be examined to see if they require assistance or, potentially, hospitalization.

According to the minister, the Sverdlovsk region’s officials should complete the function of online vaccination registration.

He noted that calling is ineffective and time-consuming, adding that currently, the online registering for vaccination in the Sverdlovsk region is not completely implemented, as is the possibility to obtain a vaccination certificate and receive help in a variety of other areas.