Lukashenko Says Only Election Can Decide the Future of His Presidency

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that the question of his presidency can be decided only by means of elections, if some do not like to see him in the capacity of the head of state, TASS reported.

“I would like to see a calm and quiet country,” Lukashenko told an audience while visiting the Gorizont plant in Minsk.

“You surely wish the same. If you dislike your current president, only elections can resolve this issue. Only elections. I insist on this, however strongly some may dislike this,” the news agency BelTA quotes Lukashenko as saying.

He explained his decision to declare 2021 as Popular Unity Year.

“I just wish to confirm that I did that not with the aim of demonstrating something to somebody. Although it might make sense. One and all should understand that I am not an enemy to my own people or to myself,” Lukashenko said, adding that above all he would like to see calm in the country.

Earlier, under a presidential decree 2021 was declared as Popular Unity Year with the aim of consolidating society and the people on the basis of the ideas of sovereignty and independence.